Biochemistry,Molecular Biology and Biotechnology: Instant Notes

by H P Gajera

ISBN: 9789351244165
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Imprint : NIPA
Year : 2021
Price : Rs. 10640.00
Biblio : 380 pages,figures,tables,25cm

Author Profile

H. P. Gajera (Associate Professor), S. V. Patel (Professor), B. A. Golakiya (Professor & Head): Department of Biotechnology, College of Agriculture, Junagadh Agricultural University, Junagadh, Gujarat - 362 001, India

About The Book

After learning a huge text, the theories and practices are abstracted in the form of mind charts or brief summaries in the mind. The purpose of this collection is to quickly recall the understanding of Biochemistry, Genetics, Biotechnology up to post graduate level. This text will help to get command on the above subject for students appearing for JEE, JRF, SRF, NET, SET, ARS etc. and the teachers involved in couching these students.

Table of Contents

"Preface 1. Water, pH and Buffer 2. Macromolecules 3. Energy in Biology 4. Enzymes and Kinetics 5. Coenzymes and Vitamins 6. Cell Structure and Their Organelles 7. Cell Wall - Structure and Functions 8. Biological Membrane and Function 9. Membrane Transport 10. Metabolism of Macromolecules A. Carbohydrate Metabolism B. Lipid Metabolism C. Amino Acid Metabolism D. Nucleotide Metabolism 11. Photosynthesis 12. Mitosis : Cell Reproduction, Growth and Repair 13. Meiosis : Sexual Reproduction 14. Mend