Elements of Food Science

by Safia Jan

ISBN: 9789351244554
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Imprint : NIPA
Year : 2021
Price : Rs. 6665.00
Biblio : 238 pages,23cm

Author Profile

Shafia Jan: Assistant Professor, Kashmir University, Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir

About The Book

This book provides a sound scientific knowledge in food science. It has been written to meet the needs of students in Indian Universities perusing courses in foods, nutrition and allied courses; at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The book covers all the necessary topics. The book gives a comprehensive account of foods. It consists of four parts. Part one, constituting (chapters 1-3), deals mainly with the evaluation of food, colloidal chemistry of the food and sugar cookery. Starch, m

Table of Contents

"Dedication Preface Chapter – 1: Sensory and Objective Evaluationof Foods Chapter – 2: Colloidal Chemistry Chapter – 3: Sugar Cookery Chapter – 4: Starch Cookery Chapter – 5: Milk Cookery Chapter – 6: Egg Cookery Chapter – 7: Vegetables and Fruits Chapter – 8: Fats and Oils Chapter – 9: Pulses and Legumes Chapter – 10: Fortification and Enrichment of Foods Chapter – 11: Meat, Fish and Poultry Chapter – 12: Food Adulteration "