Aquariculture Biotechnology

by Felix Sugantham

ISBN: 9789351303237
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Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2021
Price : Rs. 9995.00
Biblio : xi+264p., tables, figs., col. Plts., index, 25cm

Author Profile

"Dr. S. Felix, Professor of Tamil Nadu Fisheries University at Chennai has been in teaching and research for the past 27 years in the field of Aquaculture Biotechnology. He has developed a number of ‘farmer-friendly aquaculture systems’ and ‘BMPs. He has half a dozen patents registered in innovative aquaculture systems, protocols and new products to his credit. His area of research includes raceway technology, microbial flocculent based aqua farming, designing of cages and lined farming systems,

About The Book

"Ornamental Aquaculture, a fast developing ‘Aquatic Rainbow Sector’ in India demands true innovations and implementation of advanced technologies to promote itself to the next level to compete in the international market. This book, an edited version deals with a wide range of topics in applied biotechnological techniques viz. fermentation technology, bioremediation based culture system management, genetically modified fish production techniques, colour enhancement, live feed production systems,

Table of Contents

Acknowledgement v <BR> Preface vii <BR> Part I–Fisheries Biotechnology: Current Scenario <BR> 1. Marine Biotechnology: Future for Indian Bio-Economy 3 <BR> 2. Present Status of Marine Biotechnological Research and <BR> Development in India 13 <BR> 3. Ornamental Fish in Applied Biotech Research 23 <BR> Part II–Fermentation Biotechnology <BR> 4. Fermentors and Fermentation Techniques: <BR> Principle, Protocol and Applications 41 <BR> 5. Marine Single Cell Detritus: Principle and Protocol 51