Biotechnology: Recent Advances and Diverse Applications

by Yadav, M K et al

ISBN: 9789351303558
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Imprint : Biotech
Year : 2014
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Biblio : ix+423p.,

About The Book

Biotechnology has substantial influence in diverse areas ranging from agriculture to environmental problems and recent technological developments have immense potential to deliver in years to come. There is a need for judicious use of this technology to address problems related with food and nutritional security, health issues and environmental issues to mention few. There is no dearth about the books on biotechnology but few of them have dealt with recent developments covering diverse aspects o

Table of Contents

"Preface 1. Concepts and Applications of Biotechnology Manoj K. Yadav, Alok Kumar Yadav, M.K. Tripathi, S. Kumar, Ramesh Singh Yadav, Kamal Khilari and Dinesh Yadav 2. Recent Trends for Utilization of Molecular Markers in Crop Improvement Bhakti Rana, S. Kumar, Akash Tomar, Sudhir Kumar, Alok Yadav and Manoj K. Yadav 3. DNA Vaccines: A Strategy to Attack Cancer Nupur Goyal, Mamta Raghav and Hittu Gupta 4. Molecular Markers and their Applications in Fisheries Development Rajeev Kapila and G.K. Si