BIODIGESTER: An Innovative Technology for on-board Disposal of Human Waste in Indian Railways

by Lokendra Singh, Vrat Kamboj

ISBN: 9789386615466
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Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2018
Price : Rs. 4495.00
Biblio : x+78., tabls., figs., col., 25 cm

Author Profile

Dr Lokendra Singh obtained doctoral degree in Microbiology from Punjab Agricultural University and joined DRDO in 1984 at DFRL, Mysore. He later joined as Scientist 'C' at Defence Laboratory (DL) Jodhpur and subsequently in 1989 at DRDE, Gwalior. He developed the Biodigester Technology suitable for all weather and terrain across India. These biodigesters are being utilized by Indian Railways as well as by various Government and Non-Governmental organizations contributing immensely to 'Swachh Bha

About The Book

Biodigester Technology of DRDO has provided a decent on-board solution to the problem of unhygienic discharge of human excreta on railway tracks. Biodigesters are not only cost effective practical solution of on-board sanitation but are also space saving and maintenance free. They work efficiently against all temperature variables, fluctuating number of commuters, and require less water and no electricity for their functioning. Indian Railways has already installed thousands of biodigesters and