Murdoch's An Accidental Man : A Study in the Art of Narration

by Preeti

ISBN: 9789390259762
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Imprint : Scholars World
Year : 2021
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Biblio : xii+65p.,25cm

Author Profile

"Preeti is an Assistant Professor (English) at University of <BR> Rajasthan and appreciated writer who has been writing for national <BR> and international journals and magazines. Her blog, writings and <BR> poem are evident of her versatility. She obtained a bachelor’s degree <BR> in English as well as Hindi Literature. It enables her to understand <BR> both the language patterns well and thus to write in both the <BR> languages. Preeti holds a postgraduate degree in English literature and an M

About The Book

This book stylistically dissects Murdoch’s best rated novel ‘An Accidental Man’ for the strategies she uses to convey the narrative. It unfolds the fine blend of conventional and modern techniques employed by Murdoch. It places a scientific example in practical application of theory. The book enables a student and other readers to critically appreciate a literary work from any writer, in this way it would serve as an essential text for the students of language as well as literature. This book,

Table of Contents

Preface vii <BR> Acknowledgements ix <BR> 1. Introduction 1-11 <BR> 2. Narrative Strategies 12-25 <BR> 3. The Narratological Devices 26-38 <BR> 4. Emotive Narration 39-57 <BR> 5. Summing-Up 58-62 <BR> Works Cited 63-65